We wil be on Spring Festival Holiday from 6th,Feb to 28th Feb.During that time,you can place order,but we only we can ship out your orders after 1st,Mar.Thanks and nice day



Dear Customers:

Thanks for your support all the time.We have used the new-edition website now.We have made some changes for better shopping experience!But some customers suffered some problems when shopping.I want to clarify 2 points here.

1.How to download listing picture from our website.please click the right mouse button on the picture,choose view background image option,then you can get the full size picture and download it.    

2.Multi-color Items.For some items which have many colors.We will have one listing for one color.But now,we finalized to one listing,you can check all the colors in one listing,and you can choose any color you want.For example,this style,D007-1,we have many colors.Now you can check all the color in one listing.

3.Color Request Remark.For some items,you can choose the colors and qty you want.But some customer will forget the remark when checking out..We have to send emails to ask for the request,even many times.Even no reply.It is a waste of processing time for us.Now for some u-pick items,if you don't give us note,you can't submit.For exmple.This listing:

You have to input your request if any or just note"mixed",otherwise you can't submit.

Recently,we will list many new listing,we will do our best to design more new original item,also lower price.Here I want to appriciate all the old customers again.

If you have any suggestions or ideas,just emails us at